CSS Styling

Tips for an RCP app

Created by Bogdan Gheorge / IBM Canada
Created by Paul Webster / IBM Canada / @paulweb515

What is the Styling Engine?

#org-eclipse-ui-editorss {
   swt-tab-renderer: url('org.eclipse.e4.ui.workbench.renderers.swt.CTabRendering');
   swt-unselected-tabs-color: #D6DDE5 #D6DDE5 #D6DDE5 100% 100%;
   swt-outer-keyline-color: #D6DDE5;
   swt-inner-keyline-color: #D6DDE5;
   swt-tab-outline: #D6DDE5;
   color: #D6DDE5;
   swt-tab-height: 8px;
   padding: 0px 5px 7px;

Anatomy of a Styling Engine

Styling engine reading CSS sheets

Styling Selectors

  • SWT widget type {Shell, Button, Table}
  • Class name {.topShell, .leftTrim, .active}
  • ID name {#PerspectiveSwitcher}
  • Model name {.MPartStack, .MTrimBar}

CSS Cascade

How CSS sheets cascade


  • Every element has a value of 1
  • Every class has a value of 10
  • Every id has a value of 100
  • Add them up for the specificity value
  • In case of a clash, higher specificty value wins

Property Handlers: Control

SWT Method CSS Property Name CSS Example
setBackground(Color) background-color Button { background-color: #FF0000 }
(vertical gradient) background-color Button { background-color: #FF0000 #00FF00 100% }
(horizontal gradient) background-color Button { background-color: #FF0000 #00FF00 100% false }
setBackgroundImage(Image) background-image Button { background-image: some url }

Property Handlers: CTabFolder

SWT Method CSS Property Name CSS Example
setMaximized(boolean) swt-maximized CTabFolder { swt-maximized: true }
setMinimized(boolean) swt-minimized CTabFolder { swt-minimized: true }
setMaximizeVisible(boolean) swt-maximize-visible CTabFolder { swt-maximize-visible: true }
setMinimizeVisible(boolean) swt-minimize-visible CTabFolder { swt-minimize-visible: true }
setMRUVisible(boolean) swt-mru-visible CTabFolder { swt-mru-visible: true }
setSimple(boolean) swt-simple CTabFolder { swt-simple: true }
setSingle(boolean) swt-single CTabFolder { swt-single: true }

Property Handlers: Label

SWT Method CSS Property Name CSS Example
setAlignment(int) swt-alignment
Label {
  swt-alignment: center;

Examples can be found at

Where is the Code?

Themes for your Application

  • Eclipse default themes are in org.eclipse.ui.themes plugin.
  • Themes are the way to organize style sheets for your application.
  • Themes are added using org.eclipse.e4.ui.css.swt.theme extension point.

  • Theme properties have to be added to the product definition:


Create a Theme - Step 1

  • Create a new Eclipse Plugin Project
  • Generate an Activator
  • No to 3.x rich client application

Create a Theme - Step 2

  • Create a folder
  • Write a stylesheet

.infoHeader {
  background-color: #E2E2E2;

#org-eclipse-e4-examples-css-rcp-mail-view Composite {
  background-color: #FAEBD7;

#org-eclipse-e4-examples-css-rcp-mail-navigationView Tree {
  background-color: '#org-eclipse-e4-examples-css-rcp-mail-honeyDew';

Create a Theme - Step 3

  • Configure the plugin project
  • Fill out the extension point

         label="RCP Mail CSS"/>
  • Fill out product properties


Use the theme


Calculating values for yourself

Some things that can be themed

Workbench elements through the CSS

.MTrimmedWindow, .MTrimBar, .MPartStack, .MPart {
  // the workbench window, window trim, view stack, and view tab

.MPartStack.active, .MPart.highlighted, .MPart.busy {
  // perspective elements with dynamic classes

#org-eclipse-e4-examples-css-rcp-mail-navigationView {
  // elements with a specific ID, views, editors, etc

Specific widgets

control.setData(CSSSWTConstants.CSS_CLASS_NAME_KEY, "infoHeader");

Native OS Colors

Can be found as constants in the org.eclipse.swt.SWT class.

SWT Color Constant Description
COLOR-WIDGET-DARK-SHADOWSystem color used to paint dark shadow areas (value is 17).
COLOR-WIDGET-NORMAL-SHADOWSystem color used to paint normal shadow areas (value is 18).
COLOR-WIDGET-LIGHT-SHADOWSystem color used to paint light shadow areas (value is 19).
COLOR-WIDGET-HIGHLIGHT-SHADOWSystem color used to paint highlight shadow areas (value is 20).
COLOR-WIDGET-FOREGROUNDSystem color used to paint foreground areas (value is 21).
COLOR-WIDGET-BACKGROUNDSystem color used to paint background areas (value is 22).
COLOR-WIDGET-BORDERSystem color used to paint border areas (value is 23).
COLOR-LIST-FOREGROUNDSystem color used to paint list foreground areas (value is 24).

CSS vs 3.x Themes

Different light and dark Eclipse 3.x themes

Roger's Themes


Downloadable themes for Eclipse

Roger's Themes

Eclipse M6 with dark theme and color theme

CSS with 3.x Themes


.MPartStack.active.noFocus {
    swt-selected-tab-fill: '#org-eclipse-ui-workbench-ACTIVE_NOFOCUS_TAB_BG_START' 
        '#org-eclipse-ui-workbench-ACTIVE_NOFOCUS_TAB_BG_END' 100% 100%;
    font-family: '#org-eclipse-ui-workbench-TAB_TEXT_FONT';

Jeeyul's Chrome Theme


Eclipse with Hello Kitty

CSS Tools

  • E4 CSS Spy (Incubation)
  • Specificity Calculator
  • E4 Orion CSS Preference editor (Incubation)


Use ALT+SHIFT+F5 to activate it.

RCP app with tree widget surrounded by red box.


RCP app with tree widget surrounded by red box.

CSS Scratchpad

Use ALT+SHIFT+F6 to activate it.

Scratch pad dialog with CSS.

CSS Scratchpad

RCP with scratch CSS applied.

Specificity Calculator


Calculating values for yourself

CSS File Editor

Orion based editor

Orion Embedded in Appearance page


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BY Paul Webster